Brothers Ashley and Wesley Jackson have used their International, European and Domestic playing careers, as well as 25 years of combined coaching knowledge to create the ultimate hockey coaching course.

Using the most up to date and advanced coaching styles with the most modern equipment to create a fun and enjoyable learning environment.


Our Mission

Too often have we seen coaching courses being treated with a laid back coaching atmosphere with limited knowledge of the most up to date and inventive philosophy of the game. The mission is to use our skills and in depth knowledge of the sport as well as Ashley's inventive playing culture to lead the way in passing this straight on to the children.

The most up to date and modern way of playing the game (with changing rules and technology) takes too long to filter from top international hockey to grass roots or county/regional levels. We are here to pass this on with immediate effect and get your children ahead of the crowds.

What We want to Achieve

  • Fun and enjoyable camps for all ages and abilities.
  • Cater for the elite and beginner U18's to the elite and beginner U7's.
  • Create modern and inventive exercises to bring out the best in the players.
  • Stay ahead of the game with competitions and coaching that work from the Jackson's winning philosophy.
  • Create direct links with clubs for talented players (Talent Watch)
  • Create links with clubs for beginners, both children and adults/parents.
  • Coach coaches to work from modern and up to date philosophies.
  • Coach umpires to see the vision of players and how to best work with them to create a faster game.
  • Build the Jackson brand and put the 'cool' and 'professional' into the sport in this country.

The Brand

We have created a cool and exciting brand, that hockey players want to associate with. Lead by modern players and high end coaching.