Tactical and Team Coaching


Tactical and Team Coaching

We aim to cater for all needs and with this specialist tactical and team coaching offer, you will have the opportunity to work with International superstar Ashley Jackson and have an insight into how he has become so successful. He will work with his team to supply you the following:

  • Consultation meeting into what your team/group needs
  • Jackson 7 Coaching philosophy, inspired by the innovative International superstar Ashley Jackson
  • Tailor-made training sessions to get outcomes which meet your overall goals with professional coaches
  • Individual player feedback
  • Team and work ethic principles integrated into the team
  • Presentation on 'how to become a successful team'
  • Consulting on everything team based; such as kit, transport, logistics, team management, selection and match day preparation.

Pre season programmes are also available on request, this can be via consultation or a pre season coaching programme run by Jackson 7 Coaching.

If you are interested in receiving Tactical and Team Coaching then please CONTACT US to receive a quote.