Jackson 7 Coaching celebrate the launch with GuardianPro Mouthguards

To celebrate the launch of Jackson 7 Coaching, we are excited to announce that GuardianPro Mouthguards will be working with us at selected camps to ensure the safety for all players, offering their custom fit service.

GuardianPro Mouthguards specialise in the production of hand crafted, individually sculpted, one of a kind protection for all. Both Jackson 7 Coaching and GuardianPro Mouthguards, truly believe that there is no better protection for your mouth and teeth than a custom, fitted mouthguard. GuardianPro Mouthguard’s not only offer comfort and protection but also allow the flexibility to breath, drink and talk whilst wearing your mouthguard. 

GuardianPro carefully select a team of dental experts to work closely with schools and clubs enabling them to provide an expert service. This offers a convenient option and gives customers the highest quality fitting. Impressions of players’ teeth and mouth are taken and then sent back to the GuardianPro Dental Laboratory in Sussex to be hand crafted.

Both Ashley and Wesley Jackson wear a GuardianPro Mouthguard and vouch for the professionalism and most importantly the fit of the mouthguard whilst playing top level Hockey. In their view, it is much easier to breathe and speak than wearing other fitted mouthguards.

Guardian Pro will be attending the launch of Jackson 7 Coaching hockey camps on the 22nd and 23rd August, where all players will be given an opportunity to receive a custom fitted mouthguard from only £38. Even better than this, as a special offer, all players getting their mouthguard fit over the 2 days will receive a FREE ‘Jackson 7’ customisation.

Even if you are not attending the camps, you can still book in and receive a custom fit mouthguard. GuardianPro will be with us until 4pm on each day.

For more information please visit http://www.guardianpromouthguards.com/index.html or email Jackson 7 Coaching at info@jackson7coaching.com to book in for your mouthguard fitting on the 22nd or 23rd August 2017.